Zoho connect

Zoho Connect is a “business social media”  platform that allows your employees to collaborate and work easier together. Teams can be divided in groups (separate chat boxes) to find each other faster and you can also bring your work files into one place.

Zoho also lets you set up forms to bring different kind of data together faster.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Not really innovative

Easy to implement?


Our view

With Zoho Connect it’s basically what you see is what you get: A social business collaboration tool. Chat with your colleagues, share ideas and work on projects together, also  by sharing files. It has everything you might expect and need for a basic collaboration tool.

The overall look and feel is good and user friendly.


The real plus for Zoho Connect is the task board that helps you plan and prioritize tasks and projects within Zoho. This gives you good insight in project progess, but in combination with the basic Zoho collaboration functionalities you have one place to bring all of this together.

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