XOR is a chatbot to help you in the selection process. It can directly interact with any candidate that applies to a job. Interaction with the chatbot can  give the candidates a good candidate experience. XOR can ask questions to start pre-screening, and eventually helps a recruiter in planning an interview.

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Our view

Chatbots are of course upcoming in HR tech and XOR is a good example of what it can do in selection. It can instantly start interacting with applicants and by doing so, making sure a candidate gets an excellent candidate experience. The candidate can, with the help of XOR, at any time get feedback on where he or she is in the selection process.


Really helpfull for recruiters is the pre-selection functionally. XOR can ask a few pre-screening questions and by doing so help make better decisions  whom to invite for a interview. If used right XOR can help you to create better teams.XOR is also useful in helping to plan interviews  (a real timesaver!) and that it can integrate with common collaboration apps like Slack and Yammer.

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