Weekdone is a weekly reporting and goal setting tool. You can report your weekly plans, goals and progress. This allows you to track your weekly progress and see if you are reaching your goals. Weekdone also offers you the functionality for quarterly OKR Goal setting.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual innovations

Easy to implement?


Our view

The name of this tool off course already says a lot: A tool to plan and track your weekly progress. That makes it a good tool for companies who are working with weekly reports and regular check-in on business progress. You can easily plan your goals and also report  very easily on your progress last week. The tool also allows others to give feedback. All this together gives good insight on someone's progress and performance.


The quarterly OKR goal-setting functionality allows you to adopt OKR principals easier and gives you a transparent overview on company, team and personal goals.


The good thing about Weekdone is the user friendliness. You are able to quickly add, edit and (re)move items. You can use hashtags and it also give very good reports.


We are not able to judge if there are any good triggers for employees to actually fill out their weekly reports.

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