VONQ is an European company specialised in online recruitment marketing services. They use a data driven marketing approach. VONQ uses an AI-driven job marketing platform that offers recruiters instant access to a large portfolio of recruitment marketing channels to brings any of their vacancies in front of the right target audience.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly.


Great! Very innovative, technical and/or conceptual

Easy to implement?


Our view

VONQ uses AI to help you figure out where you should post your job postings for the best success during your recruitment campaign. Not just post-and-pray but actual data driven recruitment. We like that a traditional form of recruitment can still be so modernised with job marketing. With the help of VONQ you can reach your target audience faster.


VONQ isn’t just a tool or platform to help you do this. The full VONQ service means you also get the help of a campaign manager that actually advises you personally on what to with your job-postings.


The VONQ platform also allows you to integrate your ATS for an even faster setup and use of the platform. Very useful!

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