Time Out

Time out is a simple tool that helps you take breaks more often, and by doing so ensures you can focus better on your tasks, are better rested to perform and helps you relax. Once installed you can set up the tool to let you take breaks at defined moments. Once your setup is completed,the tool helps you to take these breaks. Not by giving you reminders, but by actually darken your screen and turn of functionality.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Some conceptual innovations

Easy to implement?


Our view

Time Out is a good example of a simple tool, with easy functionality, that can coach you to be more effective. The technique behind it all perhaps isn’t amazing, but it can be very helpful if you have trouble with taking enough breaks, or working to much hours behind a screen.


Nice add ons like the tips it can give you during the breaks (like don’t forget to stretch), are fun and helpful to a certain point.


Only available for mac users.

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