Thalento is an integrated system you can use for your entire Talent development process. It is more like a platform that integrates tools (also tailored for you) in three different areas of talent development: Asses (for assessments & reports), Manage (for team view and analytics) and develop (appraisal tools and e-learning).

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Easy to implement?

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Our view

Thalento is a good example of a platform that integrates a few key features in your talent development program. When a process like talent development is so widely spread over different hr topics, it is good to have one platform that brings it all together, especially when this brings you good analytics, like Thalento can do.


Thalento offers a lot, and can also help you make tailored solutions for your company. Both of these being good assets.


The assessment part of Thalento offers a very wide range of tests and questionnaires, that enables you to make well based decisions on talent development. The manage part offers a wide range of insight and ability for 360 performance reviews. Finally the develop part of Thalento offers an e-learning platform and the ability to develop your own e-learning.

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