Socilab visualizes your LinkedIn network and tells you something about it. Socilab provides certain metrics that can give value to your LinkedIn network.

Look and Feel?

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Our view

Some time ago there was LinkedIn Maps, that showed you something similar to what Socilab shows you: an overview of your LinkedIn network, how you are connected and how other people in your network are connected. LinkedIn Maps is no longer available, but there is also Socilab, that gives you somewhat the same information and visual. Simply connect your LinkedIn account to Socilab and it creates a visual. Unfortunately the analysis is limited (by LinkedIn) to 500 connections. 

The visual overview of your network is nice of course, but even more interesting is what else you can get out of it. One thing is an overview of how you are connected and how other people in your network are connected to each other. Even more interesting is,  that Socilab gives you insight in the industry or regions that are featured in your network. With this information you can quickly find out in what industries or regions you don’t have enough connections.This can of course help you to realise your business (goals).

Also interesting are the metrics Socilabs shows, for example the "Effective size", that puts a number to the value of the connections in your network.  

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