Slack is a online collaboration tool, to chat on-on-one or in different channels (for teams or topics). Share ideas, ask questions and spend less time on formal emails and collaborate faster.

Look and Feel?

Great! Example for others, and very user-friendly


Great! Very innovative

Easy to implement?

Can be used out of the box

Our view

Slack is very good example of a tool that makes online communication and collaboration easy. It is easy to set up, and once you have invited team members and set up a few channels (for groups/teams or specific topics) you are ready to go. And it’s free to use. If you want to keep your entire chat history you will have to pay (or for some extra features, you don’t really need in our opinion).


The cool thing about slack is Slackbot, a chatbot that can help you find your way in Slack, or store information (like your company’s wifi password!). And apparently Slackbot comes with some cool chatbot friends, like Captain feedback (for feedback technology with Slack), or Workstreams (for cool Kanban features to let Slack help you manage projects better) and Leo the office vibe bot (for mood measurement through Slack). This makes Slack more than just a company chatbox. Integrate with other webapps (like Twitter or Zendesk) for even more features.


Not sure if Slack works for larger companies and teams. We need more feedback on that.

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