Seedlink uses artificial intelligence to predict if a candidate fits the job and the company culture, by looking at how the candidates uses language in writing or in speech. Candidates answer questions by phone, video or in writing and the computer makes the predictions, allowing you to save time in the process and select better candidates.

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Cases provided by Seedlink are very promising. By analyzing an applicant's language Seedlink can select better candidates. Seedlink first analyzes the language of a company's top performers and searches how their language-use differs from others. They then search for these same elements in the language of applicants.

You can let Seedlink search through written text, a phone call or a video interview.

This all sounds very promising. Especially as this will take away certain biases recruiters or hiring managers might have. Seedlink doesn't search for candidates from the top schools or just for people in a certain age range, but anyone with the actual talent needed to perform well is considered a good fit. The leads to a more diverse candidate pool, of higher quality.

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