Robot Vera

Robot Vera is a robot recruiter. It searches for resumes online, conducts pre-screening phone - and video interviews, providing you with the best hires and saving time.

Look and Feel?

OK, but not great


Certainly some conceptual and technical innovations

Easy to implement?

Some effort required

Our view

Automated tools that allow you to take your hands off for a bit and also allow candidates to have a bit more influence on the process are a good add-on. This saves the recruiter time and also creates a better candidate experience. JabaTalks helps you do just that.

The tool allows you to record your pre-screening interview questions. Jabatalks invites applicants for a pre-screening phone interview. The candidate can schedule this him- or herself,  and complete the interview in their own time. JabTalks then gives the recruiter a notification when the interview is done and ready for reviewing.

Of course all of this is a real timesaver. But you will have to put some time and effort in recording your questions. It’s uncertain how much time actually goes into this. You also still have to review all the phone recordings. Time will be saved, but don’t expect a clear calendar.

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