PeopleInsight is a workforce analytics program totally focussed on bringing all your company data together to give you a (good looking) visual overview of your people analytics. It gathers the data from your existing programs and spreadsheets and combines it to insightfull dashboards for you to work with.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual and technical innovations

Easy to implement?


Our view

Everyone needs good analytics and insight in their metrics these days. Having a tool that brings all your data together can really help, and PeopleInsight can be that tool. If synched correctly with your other platforms/tools you can get meaningful workforce insight in modern and good looking dashboards.

We should never forget that dashboards, overviews and graphs are nice and can really help you to work on strategic HR topics, but it always starts with the input of your data on the beginning of the process. PeopleInsght is not a HR tool for that purspose, it just brings your data together. Make sure your basic input is good (enough) and that an Excel sheet for visualisation isn't good enough anymore.

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