PayScale is a website containing salary and other compensation and benefits information. You can check if your salary and benefits are in range with peers inside or outside your branche.
For employers PayScale offers a compensation software solution and salary survey data.

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Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Some conceptual and technical innovations

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Our view

PayScale offers insight on real time salary benchmark data. That it is real time is off course a benefit in comparison to more traditional benchmarking companies, who work with surveys and market research reports. With payScale you can easily select jobtypes, sector, company size and more to filter out what data you want to see. Very usable if you want to know if you are paying yopur employees right, or what salary you should offer a potential new hire.


PayScale gathers information from surveys, but also market research and industry experts. use this information as a guideline, not as the actual truth. There are so many opinions about what honest and fair salaries are, and you have to make sure that you can actually offer what is considered normal.

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