Employee recognition program, works like a social media platform. You can "reward"someone with an amount that can be spent in a gift shop. Also nominate someone for a reward badge (like monthly MVP). It provides an engagement survey with integrated dashboard.

Look and Feel?

OK, but not great


Not really innovative

Easy to implement?


Our view

Although the look and feel of Motivosity looks somewhat busy and like your average social media platform, the concept of giving eachother recognition and also receiving something extra for it that can be traded for something real is a fun way of integrating recognition and feedback in your company culture.


A lot of people like social media and  the way Motivosity is build is very recognizable for the social media adapts. It is good that Motivosity offers more than only simple recognition. The tool also has an organisational chart feature, the possibility to work with surveys and can work as your company intranet for news and announcements. This makes it a more complete tool. If you already have a feedback culture and tooling than adding Motivosity purely for recognition wouldn’t add anything.

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