Lunchpool is a Dutch tool. Lunchpool ensures that different people from your company meet each other during lunch. Lunchpool sets these lunches up. Eventually this should lead to better collaboration and communication in your company.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual and technical innovations

Easy to implement?


Our view

Lunchpool is Dutch, but a good example of a tool with mainly a social goal, but that can eventually lead to better collaboration and communication. Lunchpool sets up lunch meeting for people in larger companies, to meet and get to learn more about each other. The main goal is to get each other better and therefore finding each other for work related matters is easier.


As an employer you can also track which departments are most active in Lunchpool. The software does the matching work for you and invites people from different levels and departments for lunch meetings.

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