LinkedIn Learning

Learning for the job you have, learning for the job you want or just simple and quick learning if you need help now. With over 5000 online video’s LinkedIn Learning can help with al three of these things. LinkedIn Learning provides learning content by video and adds quizzes and assignments to broaden the learning experience.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Some conceptual or technical innovations

Easy to implement?

Can be used out of the box, just sign up and learn.

Our view

The good thing about LinkedIn Learning is the broad range of subjects you can choose from. From photography to learning to become a better equiped manager, LinkedIn has content in all of these things.


LinkedIn provides you with learning paths. Those paths are set up by several courses, and each course consists out of several video’s (the actual content). This helps if you are looking for an online way to learn for a new job or role.


You can sign up as an individual or by company account. For both ways it's as easy as it sounds, just sign up and learn.


The quizzes and assignments are a fun add-on but not really innovative and don’t really improve a learning experience.

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