Kumu is an online network mapping tool used to visualise and better understand networks and relationships. It is free to use for public maps you create. If you want more private maps you should take a paid account.

Look and Feel?

OK, but not great


Not really innovative

Easy to implement?

Can be used out of the box

Our view

A data visualization tool to better understand your networks. It is not really clear how Kumu can help you to better understand your network. It is clear however that you can build and visualise your network (or networks in general).

Perhaps network mappers like Kumu helps you to better understand who the top influencers are within your organisation. In times of change this can be valuable information. But you have to put some effort in creating your network maps.

It is very easy to share your maps with others online, so collaborating is made easy. In general we are not really impressed.

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