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Klout score is a number between 1 and 100 that represents your influence online, measured through different networks. By connecting accounts to your Klout profile, you get a score that represents your personal online influence. Are you retweeted a lot? Is there a lot of interaction on your content? All of these actions are used to calculate your score.

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Knowing your personal Klout score can be very interesting (and humouring), but the question is what you can actually do with it. It can be useful when working in the marketing industry. There are already examples from Canada and America where people in this industry are rejected or hired because of a low or high Klout score and their understanding of what it is or does.

And what can the HR professional or CEO do with this information? It can help you to find out who the real influencers are in your company. This could be valuable information in times of change, but it is hard to determine how you can really use it for your benefit.

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