Your virtual assistant/chatbot. Create conversational interfaces to increase candidate engagement. Create a chatbot that interacts with candidates to increase engagement, obtain valuable data and lower costs in HR staffing.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly.


Great! Very innovative, technical and/or conceptual.

Easy to implement?

Some effort required.

Our view

Chatbots are becoming more customary in different kind of functionalities. In HR we see them in feedback tools, in finging information fast and now also in recruitment. Mostly used to increase the candidate experience.

Joboti is a good example of a easy to use and easy to set up chatbot, that eventually helps increase your candidate experience and engagement.

Joboti helps you to be able to communicate with candidates 24/7 and by answering their questions, but also helps assessing candidates for you. We think this is very useful and joboti is one of the promising chatbots in recruitment.

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