Humanyze is a unique people analytics platform that helps you analyse communication and collaboration between employees and teams. The insights you get out of this, helps you to manage your organisation better, and eventually have better performing employees and teams.

By wearing a badge (just like your usual office badge) Humanyze can track the behaviour of employees at work. The badge collects data needed to create behavioural insights on how people are acting at work. Are people communicating enough? Are teams stuck in meetings to long? All this data collected by a wearable.

Look and Feel?

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Our view

The idea of having a “wearable”  to eventually create better teams is indeed very innovative. The badge is a high-tech tracking device. This not a wearable that gives you insights on a person's health, but mainly on communication, collaboration and performance. 

Humayze helps you to collect the data you need to change how you manage your employees and teams. The insights you get as a manager or leader, help you to create better teams, or adjust things at the workplace that insures better performing teams and employees.

The managers or HR professionals who get access to the data, can only see the aggregated data. In no way can a person be tracked individually. But this still raises the question how to handle privacy issues. Be sure to look into your country’s privacy  regulations or legislation. In some countries providing your employees with these badges can be an issue.

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