Hourstack is a time tracking and time management tool,  that easily integrates with other (project management) tools. Hourstack allows you to plan your time and analyse where how you spend the hours you work. You can easily set up Hourstack for your entire team,  so everyone can use it as the project management tool.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual and technical innovations

Easy to implement?

Some effort required

Our view

For people working remotely or on different kind of (billable) projects, Hourstack can be a real help in planning and analysing time (and bill customers). It offers you standard calendar- and time tracking features, as you might expect from a time tracking tool.

Where it gets really interesting, is the integration possibility with other tools you might already use. Hourstack integrates for example with Google calendar, Slack, Trello and Asana. Thus giving you the possibility to easily plan time for different projects, communicate easily and work on documents together.

Probably works best for remote teams, freelance professionals and teams working mainly on projects instead of repetitive work.

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