Video selection tool to help speed up your selection process and select better candidates. It can also provide your candidates with a great candidate experience by letting them have the video interview in their own time. Allows you to assess your candidates broader than just the video selection part.  

Look and Feel?

Great! Example for others, and very user-friendly


Great! Very innovative, technical and conceptual

Easy to implement?

Some effort required

Our view

Offers you the possibility to set up an interview for a certain job, and offers candidates the possibility to record their answer in their own time and place. This makes the recruitment process more efficient.

The tool looks nice and clean. Gives you the same tools as an ATS for comparing candidates and creating hiring teams that can all look at the candidate.

Works mobile for candidate and also for the hiring team. This gives even more flexibility.  The video intelligence is a very nice feature. According to Hirevue they can predict who will perform well, by analysing voice tone and nonverbal communication.

Setting up an assessment can be done with only questions, or by providing the candidate with a video of a work situation followed by the question how they would respond. A very complete tool.

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