Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app. The apps teaches you the principles of meditations and can guide you in your meditation sessions, and in your journey to learn about mindfulness. Headspace is already a very popular app. The first ten sessions are free, after that you will have to pay.
Interesting for this hr tech platform is the Headspace for work program. Headspace can help you launch a corporate program for employees with the app still as the main tool.

Look and Feel?

Great! Example for others, and very user-friendly


Very innovative!

Easy to implement?


Our view

If you want to feel more relaxed, have an emptier head, and be able to “ put your emotions more into place” you can use Headspace. Headspace is already a very popular app. Apparently the easy way to get started with meditation and mindfulness through an app is very appealing. We can understand why; It comes with an easy to use app, the functionality is easy. Just download it and go. Ofcourse a showstopper for a lot of people can be the costs after the first ten free guided meditation sessions.


So that is also why it is so cool that Headspace offers a corporate program (Headspace for teams). The cost barrier can be taken away if your employers pays for it. The companies that use Headspace are also enthusiastic.


You will have to be open to things like meditation and mindfulness. But the app can help you get comfortable with it. And once you are, it can really help you become more relaxed in these busy times.

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