Grovo is a learning management system in the cloud, designed for micro-learning (fast and easy learning).Like a content library, Grovo offers a wide range of learning material, but it also provides you with a platform to create your own courses. And at the back end, it provides an admin functionality that allows you to provide employees with the right learning material, and track their progress.

Look and Feel?

Great! Example for others, and very user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual and/or technical innovations

Easy to implement?


Our view

The benefit of having a LMS in the cloud is that learning material for your employees is available anytime, anywhere. And that off course is also the main good thing about Grovo.


Grovo focusses on short learning “ bursts” and micro learning (for if you just want to take in information fast, or need help “ now”. It’s great that they already have a library of content, but besides that also a platform for you to create your own learning material. You can add text, video, gifs, quizzes, and all you can expect from a good LMS platform.


The functionality to create own material and have insight in your employees progress is very easy to use. Besides that the overall look & feel is very “ fresh & clean”, which makes for a nice experience.

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