Glassdoor is a company review website that collects real reviews from employees from different kind of companies and posts these on their website. They also collect real salary information from those employees and post this anonymously as well. This gives outsiders and potential employees good insight in the company.

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Our view

Off course you have no influence in what people write as a review on a site like Glassdoor, so Glassdoor may feel tricky at first. But ask yourself if honest reviews aren't worth far more than fake ones? But you can use Glassdoor as an employer branding tool as well. You have the ability to create your own profile, add company content (like executive blogs, etc.) and workplace photos.


You can ask your own employees to write reviews on Glassdoor to get a better filled profile. Create an honest view of your company (it will be checked by your employees so no window dressing!) and use this to your benefit when it comes to employer branding.

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