Geckoboard isn’t the tool that helps you to set or align your goals, but it is the tool that helps you to make your goals, KPI’s (and especially the progress towards the end goals) more visible for your employees. Geckoboard connects to your company business systems and then gives you the tools to set up an easy to understand dashboard you can broadcast live on screens. This ensures your employees are up to date with the company goals and progress, and can better understand business policy and get motivated by progress.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Certainly some conceptual innovations

Easy to implement?

Some effort required

Our view

All your systems give you a lot of different insights in your business progress. Geckoboard is a useful tool for bringing all these metrics together and displaying it in a simple dashboard for all your employees to see. This gives your team focus.


It is really easy use and so also easy to set up your dashboards. It takes minutes to set up. Give your team focus, get everyone on the same page and let Geckoboard help you in reaching business goals.


Don’t expect a (OKR like) tool thats helps you to setup and align goals. Use this tool for better insight, throughout your entire company.

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