With Fitqbe your employees can  upload their physical activities in a platform, and by doing so let them compete with each other. An employee earns exchangeable points by burning calories. The company gets healthier and better motivated employees in return, who are also more engaged due to the social game being played among colleagues.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Not really innovative

Easy to implement?


Our view

Fitqbe is a nice example of an easy tool to improve employee engagement and motivation by letting them achieve a higher level of physical fitness. The app registers your commitment and also the calories burned The employee gets points for this that are exchangeable for charity or products.


It’s nice that you can load the data from your own device or wearable up to the platform. The app seems easy to use and the gamification element (competing in a social game against coworkers) creates a healthy competition.


Employers get fitter and more motivated employees in return. You get insight through a dashboard to keep track of who is doing well in the competition.

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