Codility is a testing tool designed to let recruiters evaluate how good a coder (programmer) actually is. With the use of Codility recruiters can invite candidates to take a coding test, and get insight in the quality and the programming style of the candidate.

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Codility lets you test the skills of  coders/developers. You can select the programming language you want tested, combined with the level and send out an assignment for the applicant to complete. The applicant is provided with a notepad and can start coding from there. The platform records how long a programmer is busy with the task and also records everything the coders types in the notepad (and by doing so partly preventing cheating). The recruiter gets an end result and can evaluate from there.

In selection, being able to test your applicants in advance, and by doing so getting a better view on the skills of the  candidate is really useful. It not only saves time, but also allows you to select better hires. Unfortunately we only see these solutions for selecting developers and not yet for other professions. There are tools that test applicants in advance, by providing some sort of online assessment, but testing actual skill like Codility does is not much found.

Codility is easy to use and helps you in your recruitment process. It can be integrated with common ATS’s. Unfortunately cheating can’t be entirely prevented. Solutions to Codility’s tests can be found on the internet and smart coders can use these to complete the assignment.

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