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  • Tools that facilitate the onboarding of new employees

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Onboarding is the process through which new employees move from being organisational outsiders to organisational insiders. The process starts with the first contact between candidate and the organisation, and will finish the six months after the employment started. Onboarding can also be applied when moving from one job to another job in an organisation.
In this category we focus on tools that facilitate the onboarding process.

  • Onboarding facilitates that new employees are quickly becoming part of the organisation, and feel  at home
  • Some of the benefits of a good onboarding process are: a steeper learning curve, productivity increase, increased organisational commitment, a greater job involvement, a better role orientation and a longer tenure.
  • Employees expect a smooth and attractive onboarding process, that can be fun as well.
  • Employees increasingly use easy and user friendly applications in their personal life, and they expect this at work as well.
  • Easy access to data, personal contact with colleagues upfront, a quick start at the beginning, and clear set goals for the first months have become a hygiene factor.
  • Day 1 on the job is probably the most important day in the onboarding process
  • Mobile is the norm

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