Employee Mood Measurement

What's included in this category?

  • Engagement surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Employee Mood measurement

The landscape of Employee Mood Measurement solutions

Basics & trends

  • Gathering data on how employees experience work, is a must
  • Feedback is gathered more frequently
  • Organisations combine measurements (e.g. bi-annual surveys combined with weekly pulse surveys)
  • Questionnaires are getting shorter
  • With the technology of today, it is possible to analyse free text (open answers to questions, e-mails, messages) on emotions  
  • Advanced engagement measures are tapping into existing data (like emails), in real time
  • Responsive – two-way – survey-tooling can unravel the ‘why’ behind deviating answers by adding new questions automatically into the survey when an employee gives a deviating answer
  • Most of the time only employees on the payroll ar surveyed; it might be wise to broaden this group
  • We expect less separate apps and more tools that are integrated in day-to-day communication channels (integrated in Slack of Facebook, for example)
  • HR can learn from Marketing, as they are better in getting insights in the motivation and behaviors of customers

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