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Basics & trends

In our view Talent Development “ touches”  a lot of different areas in the Employee Journey. In the overview above you will find a small selection of tools that can help you manage a talent development process (the integrated systems), but you can also click on the button in the process cycle and you will be redirected to other “ houses”  of the employee journey on this website.

Trends in Talent Development:

  • Instead of focusing on talent development interventions that have, hopefully, a long term effect (such as traineeships and development programs), there seems to be more focus on the interventions that have an effect today.
  • The most important trend in HR is individualisation. In talent management a tailored individual approach is very important. If you know what the capabilities of people are, what their wishes are and in what direction they want to develop, you can design opportunities that fit best with the individual needs and wishes. With the technology of today, you are able to know your employees better than they know themselves.
  • Broader talent pools are considered: not only people on the payroll, but also other people who add value to the organisation can be in scope for talent development.
  • Talent analytics is the foundation of all talent management initiatives. When to focus is moving from the future to today, speed is more important than ever. Can you keep track of how the capabilities of people are involving? Can you quickly make a match between the urgent opportunity and the available talent? Are you able to track the engagement of key players real time?

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