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Basics & trends

  • The Learning field is changing rapidly from classroom & internal academy solutions with ‘blended learning’ as starting point towards “learning experience platforms” that are easily used on mobile as well.
  • Platforms develop in the near future to YouTube-like video experiences, Netflix type of cliff hangers to continue learning combined with old-school books & articles, easy to build communities that interact that use AI to serve the employee better.  
  • Those places include features for curation, recommended learning and data-driven recommendations.
  • Second but not yet integrated is VR and Augmented Reality simulation learning. When given the right learning scenario and a receptive learner, VR eLearning will become/is shockingly effective. This technology will fill a gap in the learning spectrum for users who would benefit more from experiencing situations and surroundings.
  • Fostering engagement around learning initiatives and creating user generated content is a challenge as well as the inactive behavior of employees. Solutions that focus on engaging participants in the learning experience will be able to make a fortune. Platforms that count on active behavior of employees will lose in the battlefield.
  • E-learning sounds like the ‘80-ties’ but still is a term used widely.
  • Learning tools are also used in other area’s of the employee journey, like onboarding (letting new hires start learning skills earlier) and performance & productivity (wanting to learn more to perform better).
  • Because tools are better accessible and mobile, people start to do more learning outside of work hours.

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