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  • Initial candidate sifting
  • Profile analysis
  • Personality and capability testing
  • Chatbots

The landscape of Selection solutions

Basics & trends

Selection of new employees (and of existing employees for new opportunities) is one of the most important HR practices. In practice, scientific insights in selection methods are poorly used in the workplace. The interview is an unreliable selection method, but still the most used method in many organisations. With current technology it is becoming easier to test the capabilities and the personality of candidates. Testing cultural fit is more difficult.

  • There is a tendency for organisations to look for candidates with certain personalities and with whom there is a good cultural fit.
  • A high learning agility is an important characteristic of candidates, as a high learning agility helps to adopt to new demands.
  • As people analytics is developing, it becomes easier to determine the differentiating characteristics of people who are successful in certain jobs. The selection criteria can than be based on this analysis, instead of on a list of assumed important criteria (more evidence based selection)
  • The ability to assess the personality profile of candidates based on their behaviour on social media, or on the way they answer questions in a video interview, is increasing. Traditional questionnaire based tests are less and less necessary.
  • There are interesting developments in testing the technical capabilities of candidates based on real work they have done. Currently this is possible, for example, in testing developers by asking them to provide code they have written.

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