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  • Referrals via own employees
  • Referrals via the external network
  • Focus on referrals using social media

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Basics & trends

Employee referral is a recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees’ social networks, or by using the external network of the organisation to refer candidates. We see solutions most of the time focussing on 1 of these 3 aspects in the landscape:

  • Recruit new employees via own employees network(s)
  • Recruit new employees via the external network of the organisation
  • Focused towards usage of Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Recruiting via referrals is increasingly important for organisations. There is evidence that:

  • a referred candidate is can be hired faster than a traditional candidate
  • a referred candidate is cheaper to hire than a traditional candidate
  • a referred hire will onboard faster than a traditional hire
  • a referred hire will stay at their job longer than a traditional hire
  • employees who refer candidates will also stay longer

Where initially referral programs worked mainly with money as a reward, you now see more game-like rewards as well (points, leaderboards, badges).

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