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Basics & trends

  • There is a major shift happening in the overall recruitment focus. This focus shifts from job based towards recruitment of roles, skills, people and cultural fit.
  • Unfortunately many of the current recruitment systems are only trying to optimize the process flow of recruitment, instead of focussing on the candidate / employee experience. This could have a major (negative) effect, because talented candidates could easily lose interest or find another job in the meanwhile. If you want to make the difference in recruitment, it’s advisable to start with the candidate experience
  • Jobboards still take up a large role in recruitment. Many of todays jobboards are still focused on matching jobs with candidates, and are still very valuable.
  • The boundaries between permanent and flex workers will disappear. Organizations will use different types of employees for different roles and activities. The importance of a solid cultural fit will increasingly become more important.
  • Upcoming usage of social networks and data-matching. The role of recruiter being the middlemen will be replaced by social networks and solid, personalised, data. Now the candidates will no longer start the search for a job themselves, they’ll get an offer on the right time via the right persons.

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