Canva is an easy to use web based design program that helps to make great images for online use. Design visuals, logos and other image content easy on the web.

Look and Feel?

Great! Example for others, and very user-friendly


Great! Very innovative

Easy to implement?

Can be used out of the box

Our view

The problem with content marketing for employer branding is that HR professionals aren't designers or marketing professionals. Making good (visual) content is a profession on its own. And what if your design and/or marketing departments have other priorities? Then you need easy to use tools to create your own good content. Canva is a great solution.


With Canva you can create your own visual designs in a very easy way. Use one of many templates, add logos or just start designing. It is very easy to use. Canva also helps by providing Social media templates with the right sizes for the different social platforms. Designing a new facebook cover is easy with the Facebook templates.

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