AssessFirst helps to hire better fitting candidates by letting candidates complete a profile test, and compares their results with the profile you are searching for. Simply set up the required profile and send a link with a questionnaire to the applicant. Once completed,  you will have a better insight in the candidate's true motivations as well as their behaviour.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Some conceptual innovations

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Can be used out of the box

Our view

AssessFirst is basically an online assessment questionnaire that allows recruiters or hiring managers to get a better sense on who the applicant really is. Applicants personality, drive, mental attitude and  agility are tested. This is done by sending out traditional questionnaires. Up until now we haven't seen any form of gamification or anything else to make it fun for the candidate and give a nice candidate experience as well.

The good thing about AssessFirst is that you as a recruiter or hiring manager don’t have to think about your profile. AssessFirst provides you with a lot of standard profiles you can use. You only have to answer a few questions to describe the position you’re recruiting for. AssessFirst analyses your answers and compares them to their profiles and gives you recommendations to start with.

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