Amber by inFeedo

Amber is a smart AI assistant (chatbot) by the company inFeedo to help employers measure the mood in their company. The chatbot Amber chats with employees multiple times in a pre-defined time range to measure how they are feeling and if they are perhaps thinking about leaving. On the back-end managers get inisght in how their employees are feeling (on a name-based level) and if they should react.

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Our view

Amber by inFeedo is a nice tool and in some way different from the other mood measurement tools featured on this website so far. This is because of the actual chatbot you talk to and that "measures the mood". It also does this on a name based level, so as a manager you can actually see who is feeling great and who is perhaps thinking about leaving? And that is also the approach of Amber, not only measure the mood, but also helping you react to people who are thinking about leaving the company.

You can pre-define the time span in which you want Amber to chat with your employees. It is not a set time span of a week or bi-weekly like we see at other tools, but you can set it up to chat with your employees on for example their first day, after three months and so on.

It is fully web based, so no installing required!

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