Employee rewards and recognition program. Give each other recognition and appraisals, and earn credits that you can spend in the giftshop. Also combining all employee reward programs in one.

Look and Feel?

Certainly meets expectations, modern and user-friendly


Not really innovative

Easy to implement?

Some effort required

Our view

chievers is a popular employee recognition program, that we also mentioned in our feedback overview. It is an employee recognition program setup like a company social network, focussed on giving recognition and appraisal to colleagues. Like other tools that do mostly the same, you can also earn credits that can be spend on gifts or on a donation to charity.


We believe tools like Achievers can have a real benefit for more recognition and appraisal. But we also believe that tools like this can only truly be of benefit if your company culture is ready. Is openly giving recognition already considered normal? And do you already have a feedback culture and are people comfortable with giving feedback.

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