The HR Tech Community

The HR Tech Community is born out of the wish to oversee the growing and changing HR Tech landscape. To see the wood for the trees. Many people asked us: what’s going on? What tools can we use and really work? We talked to many HR professionals that felt a slight hesitation to step into the HR Tech field and explore options. Who were overwhelmed by the options when participating in HR Tech conferences. How do you make up your mind? We spoke with hundreds of entrepreneurs, who want to create the best employee experience possible. A positive experience is influenced by the day to day personal connections, by camaraderie, in fairness, by the possibility to achieve more than you could have ever imagined. HR Tech can help to accelerate all of this.

We do not believe in the ultimate HR system solving all your issues. What seems to be the way forward, is a combination of a core system (data lake) and a suite of clever dedicated solutions for specific areas, combined with vision, intelligence, connectivity, great culture and leadership.

The purpose of the HR Tech Community, is to create a platform where HR professionals and others interested in HR Tech, can find inspiration, relevant information and share their enthusiasm about cool (and working!) solutions. We want to offer you some guidance and support, in finding the solutions that fit best with your challenges, by drawing the landscape.

It is by no means our intention to create an extensive list of all HR tools available. We want to create a clear and tangible overview of the best of breed solutions, representing the type of solutions that are possible today.

The map of the employee journey will guide you through the different HR areas. From employee branding, through recruitment & selection, onboarding, team building, development, performance consulting, reward and recognition to alumni community management. Per HR area (we call this ‘villages’, like ‘exploration’) you’ll find specific HR theme’s (we call this ‘houses’,  like ‘recruitment’). Every house shows the current landscape of solutions. Not a list of all of them, but an overview of the different options and best of breed examples.

In the most important areas, we will initially share our thoughts, highlight some trends and share some innovative solutions that give you an idea of what is currently possible. Over time, the input of members of the community will be added, to enrich the experience. Our intention is to facilitate a real HR Tech community, where professionals can learn from each other and help to bring HR to a next level.

There is no big earning model behind the community. We have a keen interest in HR Tech, and with your help we would like to learn more, about new solutions and about what works where. As we like to be independent and objective, no one pays to appear on the platform (only in areas designated as advertisement areas).  

The Founding Partners

The following networks/organisations are founding partners of the HR Tech Community:

The NY Recruiting Meetup Network

La Claque Paris HR Technology/ Digital HR Meetup, Germany
Melbourne Recruitment Meetup Israel HR Tech HRTech meetup Amsterdam
People Analytics Belgium New York Strategic HR Analytics Meetup Barcelona Recruitment People

The expert panel

For each of the categories we have experts in the expert panel, who advise the HR Tech Community.


The HR Tech Community was established in 2017, by VIE People (HR Consultancy, HR Co-sourcing and HR Interim) and the HR Trend Institute (Trendwatchers in the people and organisation domain).

Wendy van Ierschot     Tom Haak